Анализ цен на биткойны и эфир: 52666 для BTC, 4500 для ETH имеют решающее значение

Bitcoin: BTC / USDT

The 52666 resistance level is very important for the price action, which started a corrective movement after receiving a reaction from the 42966 level on the daily chart. While in an uptrend, this level worked as support and selling pressure is likely to come from this level as it will be tested for the first time after a sharp downtrend. It is impossible to re-enter an uptrend in the medium term without closing the daily candle above 54,000 levels. If selling pressure comes from 52666, support 49000 and 47000 should be followed.

Bitcoin Chart: BTC / USDT

Ether: ETH / USDT

ETH, which has rebounded quickly from strong selling pressure, may face selling pressure from the Libra formation at 4500 levels. If selling pressure appears, follow the 4229 support level. If the candle closes below this level, a pullback to the support zone can be seen 3888. If the 4500 level is crossed by a solid and volumetric candlestick and the candlestick closes above it, you can see a new peak movement above 4800 and 4900.

Ethereum chart: ETH / USDT

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