Неизвестный новый генеральный директор Twitter Параг Агравал: хорошо ли это для биткойнов?

As of yesterday, the stones have moved to Twitter, which has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. While CNBC’s news that “Jack Dorsey is expected to step down” from the US media caused a big shock, the news that the Twitter founder left the CEO but will remain on the board of directors further defused the atmosphere.

After the initial shock wore off, there was talk of Parag Agrawal, who replaced Dorsey and worked his way up from CTO to CEO. He was particularly interested in Agrawal’s perspective on cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, and whether the social media giant will continue its recent cryptocurrency breakthrough. Jack Dorsey is known to be a full supporter of Bitcoin and is not interested in any cryptocurrency money other than Bitcoin, including the largest altcoin, Ethereum. Dorsey only supports bitcoins and receives bitcoins regularly every week. In fact, only bitcoin can be bought on the Cash app from Square, another company of which Dorsey is both founder and CEO.

Article by Article Parag Agrawal: How does he view Bitcoin?

Head of a decentralized project, creator of the tip function

Twitter originally announced the idea of ​​creating a decentralized protocol for social media in 2019, but at the time, the project didn’t make much of a fuss. After Dorsey’s statement in January, the issue was discussed much more, and in August, former Zcash developer Jay Graber was appointed to lead a project called Bluesky. CoinDesk’s according to the news It was Agrawal who chose Graber. Graber later called Agrawal “the champion of the team” in a statement.

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New CEO Agrawal is also credited as the creator of the bitcoin tipping and NFT verification feature on Twitter back in September.

Moved Twitter to cloud servers

As CTO, Agrawal led the migration of the platform to cloud servers in 2018. Because Twitter was slow and was criticized for keeping all its services and projects on its own servers. Agrawal used the term “hairball” in an interview he gave in 2020 about this worrying situation.

He managed to quickly climb the steps

Agrawal, who writes little on his Twitter account, makes more RT-focused posts and is unlike Dorsey in that sense, has been working as an engineer for the social media giant since 2011. In 2017, he became the technical director, that is, the technology manager. According to the corporate website Twitter, he also managed to become the company’s first distinguished engineer, thanks to his work in revenue and consumer engineering.

He also studied the work of the cryptographic team: he believes in cryptocurrencies.

According to an insider who declined to be named and spoke to Decrypt, the new CEO, who is in charge of Blusky’s decentralized social media protocol project and also oversees Twitter’s newly announced cryptocurrency team, believes in cryptocurrencies to the end.

Cryptocurrency is not twitter

Agrawal’s only tweet about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, which we said didn’t make much comment on his Twitter account, is from 2019. It also consists of a short sentence he wrote about a bitcoin conference held in Nigeria. However, even the “What a conversation…Bitcoin and Nigeria” tweet is an important indicator that he supports Bitcoin.

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It is currently unknown if Agrawal, like Jack Dorsey, is only a supporter of Bitcoin, but it is clear that he gives importance and support to cryptocurrencies, so Dorsey is not expected to show a different direction or exclude cryptocurrencies in this sense.

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