Протокол BadgerDAO, обеспечивающий возврат за счет блокировки биткойнов, был взломан

BadgerDAO, one of the projects that brings Bitcoin to decentralized finance and provides income to its users through Bitcoin, has been hacked. According to information provided by blockchain data and security company PeckShield, $120.3 million of crypto assets have now been stolen… It is claimed that 2,100 bitcoins and 151 Ethereum have been seized by hackers.

BadgerDAO, a protocol where users can connect their bitcoins to smart contracts through a bridge over the bridge and access DeFi applications by getting a “wrapped bitcoin”, has various “stores”, just like in Ethereum. According to the profit strategies in these safes, users can earn a certain amount of income for the bitcoins they lock.

“We found unauthorized footage”

In a statement made by BadgerDAO on this matter during the morning hours of TSI, it was said that users complained about the shooting movements without their permission, and all smart contracts were stopped:

“Badger has received complaints from many users about unauthorized filming. As a result of an investigation by Badger engineers, all smart contracts have been put on hold to prevent further firing.”

“In some safes taken control”

A Badger engineer named Tritium also said in a statement on his Discord channel:

“It appears that some users have taken control of their vaults and have been given permission to transfer assets to certain addresses. As soon as we realized this, we froze all storage facilities and are currently looking into where permissions were given, how many people used them, and what to do next.”

User assets of 900 BTC were stolen in one transaction

Information provided by PeckShield claims that many assets, from WBTC to CVX and complex tokens such as ibbtc and sbtcCRV-f, were stolen while the user’s tokens were the equivalent of 900 bitcoins (approximately $51 million) by creating a one-time transaction. It was reported that they were stolen. For another user, it was $5 million.

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